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Why You Need Automation in Manufacturing

Since the mid 1970’s automation and robotics have played an increasingly import role in the worlds manufacturing sector. This trend has grown and continues to grow at such a rapid rate that the IFR (International Federation of Robotics) has projected the world’s factories will add an additional 1.7 million new robots between the years 2017 and 2020.

Year over year growth rate of new robots and automation is estimated to be 14% with 5 of the world’s top economies encompassing 74% of the total additions. Those 5 economies are China, South Korea, Japan, United States, and Germany respectively (see chart below).

Clearly there is a lesson to be learned from this rapid growth and steps that modern factories need to take to stay competitive today. In the United States alone manufacturing companies comprise 2.17 trillion dollars of the U.S. economy and 98% of those companies are considered small business by the BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics). Due to the increasing globalization of manufacturing across the world it is imperative today that companies in the United States and those around the world employ every method possible to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality. This will allow them to stay competitive in the global manufacturing markets today and to thrive for years to come.

Benefits of Working With TTE Automation

50+Years of Business

Since 1972 Tennessee Tool and Engineering has been pushing the edge of manufacturing technology. Originally starting as a machining company TTE has grown to a tier 2 automotive supplier of cast, machined & parts with additional specialties in automated machine design. This broad level of experience over multiple decades has separated it from many of its competitors.

TTE History

190+ Years of Combined Automation Experience

Our engineering group is an experienced team of individuals. With over 190 years of combined experience, across multiple automation industries, TTE's automation team is situated to handle complex customer needs.

300+ Successful Automation Projects Completed

For over 5 decades TTE has been supplying automation solutions to the manufacturing industry. This has led to over 300+ successful automation projects completed over many different industries. It is success like this that TTE customers look for in their manufacturing solutions.

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